50+ Tea - 100gms

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50+ Tea is great for people nearing 50 years of age or has crossed the age of 50. They need some healthy natural herbal support. This 50+ Tea can be brewed in just 3-4 min. 2 cups of this 50+ tea is suggested. We have made in powder form so that every particle of the herb can generate more nutrients to your decoction.

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50+ Tea is a substitute for seniors who finds it difficult to have black tea or green tea which has caffeine in it. That causes insomnia to these people who falls asleep late or face insomnia issues. This tea is a very balanced formulla of herbs, which will not disturb their sleep, rather it will help them maintain good health as well. All these herbs are being used by mankind for centuries to treat various ailments. We do not claim for any cure for any particular disease. 

This 50+ Tea contains a blend of these precious herbs.

1. Arjun Chaal

2. Hadjod

3. Guggul

4. Amla

5. Tulsi

6. Sonth

7. Ceylon Cinnamon

8. Turmeric 

Disclaimer: This is not a medicine. It is just a mix of various herbs to make a herbal tea for you.

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