Consti Powder - 250 Gms.
  • Consti Powder - 250 Gms.

Consti Power - 250 Gms.

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Constipation is probably the most common problem of masses throughout world. Nxtgen constipower is 100% natural ayurvedic herbal product to get relief form constipation. It clears your motions and regularise bowel movement , helping to remove constipation problem. 

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Constipation is the most common disease in the world. Constipation is a stage when you tend to pass less than desired stool or no stool at all at desired fix time, when you feel that entire stool has not come out. Resulting in swollen stomach or with stomach pains / discomfort.

Many studies or researches has concluded that there are many reasons for constipation, like, your eating habits, what you eat, consumption of lot of dairy products, parkinson's disease, no physical work outs, sleep disorders, hypothyroidism, some cancers, lot of medicines like antacids, pain killers, blood pressure medicines, Iron supplements etc. We mean to say that please correct your lifestyle to permanently. Like drink lot of water / liquids, consume food which is rich in fiber, doing yoga and physical work outs.

Nxtgen Constipower is a natural ayurvedic product to deal with these general constipation state and severe chronic constipation as well, only the dosage and frequency will change. Constipower has all natural laxatives being used for centuries to regularize motions.

It has : 

Senna leaves - 50%

Saunf 12%

Haritaki - 8%

Black Salt - 10%

Licorice - 5%

Ajwain - 15%

Consto Power contains pure natural herbs.  Hence, it does not cause any side effects. It is completely safe to use. However, patients must use it in the recommended doses only as a higher dose of this medicine can cause gastric upsets, pain in the abdomen, diarrhea, and dehydration.

The effect of Consti Power on the newborn baby or fetus is not known when it is used by a lactating or pregnant woman. Hence, women should consult a doctor before using nxtGen Consti Power.

Dosage :

For occasional constipation : Take 2-3 gm ( half teaspoon ) Nxtgen Constipower with water before sleeping. Can take on weekends only to regularize, not required to take everyday.

For Chronic or severe constipation: Take 3-5 Gms ( 3/4 to 1 teaspoon ) with water at bed time. Use as per your personal requirement.

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