Sumac Powder - 50 gms
  • Sumac Powder - 50 gms

Sumac Powder - 50 gms

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Sumac is a herb that has a unique taste typically described as tangy and slightly fruity, a bit like lemon. But in addition to bringing a distinct taste to dishes, it also boasts a long list of impressive benefits. Researches suggest that sumac could have a powerful effect on blood sugar control, heart health, disease prevention, and even pain relief.
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Sumac herb, native of Middle East, produces deep red berries, which are dried and ground into coarse powder (not fine powder). Taste of sumac is very tangy lemony. The spice was long used in Europe to add tartness to many dishes until the Romans introduced lemons to the area. While it’s less common, the berries may also be sold whole. Ground sumac is a versatile spice with a tangy lemony flavor, although more balanced and less tart than lemon juice. A small sprinkle also adds a beautiful pop of color to any dish. 

Sumac powder is a widely used, essential spice in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cooking. It’s used in everything from dry rubs, marinades, and dressing. But its best use is sprinkled over food before serving. It pairs well with vegetables, grilled lamb, chicken, and fish. Sumac is one of the main components in the spice mix za’atar, and is used as a topping on fattoush salad, and makes a nice topping on dips like hummus. Sumac herb is widely used in grill foods and barbeque foods.  

Health Benefits of Sumac Herb:

          Helps in cancer: A super anti-oxidant, and packed with vitamin C which means it can help ward off diseases like diabetes,                            cardiovascular diseases and cancer.                   

  • Anti-inflammatory: Inflammation is thought to be the cause of most diseases and Sumac is an anti-inflammatory spice that helps fight various disorders, colds, and the Flu.
  • Has been studied to be effective in regulating cholesterol levels and treating diabetes by reducing blood sugar.
  • Anti-fungal & Anti-microbial: Sumac is Anti-microbial and anti-fungal spice which can help treat skin inflammation and disorders. It has also been studied to be effective in fighting bacteria like Salmonella and can be used to safely disinfect fruits and vegetables.
  • Can increase breast milk production and ease menstrual cramps
  • Sumac is a Diuretic which means it helps remove toxins from the body through urine and has been used traditionally to treat urine infections and digestive problems.
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