Almond Oil Nasal Drop - 15 ml.
  • Almond Oil Nasal Drop - 15 ml.

Almond Oil Nasal Drop - 15 ml.

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Make a routine to put Oilcure Almond Oil Nasal Drops, 3-4 drops in both the nostrils just before going to bed. This helps in getting rid of frequent dry nose, sinus problems, insomnia, headaches due to cold, Loss of a smelling sense, dizziness etc. Almond oil nasal drop works as a great lubricant which greases the nasal tract, gives ease in breathing normally even while sleeping. Great for nasya.

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You can just imagine how irritating we feel when we have running nose and nostrils are chocked. We can't take breath properly. Not to get into this type of situation we have to keep our nostrils, nasal tract /pipe clean, free from mucus or unwanted foreign articles. It is a good solution to treatment for blocked nose / stuffy nose.

We at oil cure prepared an easy to use almond oil nasal drop to open dry nose, blocked nose. It greases dry nose easily and effectively. It is one of the best oil you can use in your nose/nostrils. this oil is for nasya.

Benefits of Oilcure Almond Oil nasal drops / Benefits of putting oil in nose or nostrils:

1. Keep Cold and Cough at a bay (sinus/sinusitis): In Ayurveda, medicines administered via the nasal passages affect the mind, head, sinus passages, throat, nose and head area. One of the main causes of the common cold is an infection in the nose. Almond oil when applied inside your nose keeps it congestion free. Keeps common cold and sinusitis away.

2. Good Sleep at night: Almond oil nasal drops keep nasal passage clean and free from disturbing blockages. Almond oil nasal drop when put in nostrils daily, lubricates nostrils thoroughly, which helps to breathe easily at night. Resulting in uninterrupted sleep through the night.

3. Lesser Headaches and Migraine: Calm and peaceful sleep, deep and normal breathing throughout the night results in fewer headaches. For best results to get rid of headaches, put 4-5 drops of oil cure almond oil in your nose at bed time and morning also. 

4. Helps in Loss of Smelling power: When you put Oilcure almond oil nasal drops in nostrils, it greases your nasal pipe and allows oxygen/air to pass through easily and deeper. Letting your sense of smell improve. Your sensory organs get a lot of ease in performing their job after these are obstacle free.

5. Improves your Yoga and Gym: You just cant do yoga, gym or any physical exercise without proper breathe in and breathe outs. Almond oil nasal drop is of great help to keep your nostrils free from obstacles, resulting in a free flow of air both ways.

6. Great in Colds due to allergy/dust allergy: Almond oil is very effective oil to keep the nasal passages clean and free from blockages. This helps a lot in clearing cold due to allergy or dust allergy.  It clears all the dirt and bacterias from the nostrils. Almond oil lubricates nostrils thoroughly and aids in easy breathing. Overall, it works as a great nasal lubricant. You have to use it regularly to get maximum health benefits. 

What is Nasya?

Ayurveda suggests keeping the, nasal passages of our nose, lubricated to remain healthy and moisturized especially in the cooler days.

For lubrication of nose oils and herbs, are used. Putting oil in the nose is known as Nasya in Ayurveda.

How to use: Put 3-4 drops of Oilcure almond nasal drops in both the nostrils/nose every night before going to sleep. You can use twice or thrice also, consult your ENT.


Specific References

Manish Sancheti

I was facing lot of nasal congestion problem due to sinusitis. Now using this nasal drop oil regularly. I can feel a great relief.

Bindeshwar Lal

I and my family, we all used for sinus problem or nose congestion. it gave remarkable relief to all of us.

Tariq Qureshi

Had issue of blocked nose, applied this oil for few days and issue completely went off. The first when used the sound sleep that I got was noticeable. Regularly used by my kid n wife for sinus they found it very effective.

Mushtaq Ali

My frequent sinus problem got a great relief with Oilcure almond nasal drop.

Deepti Vashisht

It is a good nostril lubricant. I got lot of relief from nasal congestion.

Harinder Singh

My sinus was very irritating. It made me partial immovable. All the time running nose and sneezes..... Got great relief with this almond nasal oil.

G Hariharan

Good to use when nose / nasal passage is blocked due to narrow passage or if your nostril is little tilted. I used to put 4-5 drops of this oil in both the nostrils. I got a significant relief due tho this oil.

Malini Mohan

My kids had difficulty in breathing at night, while sleeping. After I googled I tried this product as nose lubricant for my kids. I cant explain how much relief they got and better sound sleep. Now even me and my husband also started the same. God Bless.

Ritu anand

This nasal drop really helped in my acute migrane problem it has reduced a lot three cheers

Sahil d

before i used to snore every night which created a problem for others. i tried this and it completely stopped and i am sure it will stop if i take it regularly

Aman g

used this oil ans my sinus problem almost vanished. 7 stars to this product.

Srinivas L

used this for sound sleep, as written on their web site. It worked for me gradually

Pooja M

I have used Jeera oil,kalonji oil,Almond oil .All are really effective ..jeera oil has really helped in curing my Irritatable bowel syndrome. The quality of oils is pure as they are cold pressed and so are rich in minerals and nutrients .

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