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Knee Power (100 ml.)


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Oilcure Knee Power is a miraculous natural Ayurvedic knee pain relief oil. It is for Knee, Neck, Back, Shoulders or any muscular or joint pains.  It gives quick relief in Knee pain by reducing pain and removing inflammation in knee or effected area. Helps in lot many knee problems, arthritis, severe knee injuries. 100% natural ayurvedic pain relief oil with no side effects.

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Ayurveda, the ancient medical science, always favors removing the problem with roots. It always acts in a correct direction by removing the problem first and simultaneously curing or generating new cells to repair the root cause of the problem.

Knee wear and tear is a common phenomenon now a days, because of our lazy routines or neglecting to take proper care of our knee, back or neck. Arthritis is a common cause of severe knee pain and disability. Unfortunately, arthritis is a chronic degenerative condition that can eventually require surgery. The three most common types of arthritis are rheumatoid arthritis, post-traumatic arthritis, and osteoarthritis. In the case of any of these three, you may experience stiffness and swelling, and it may be hard to bend your knee. Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease that causes the tissue around the joint to become inflamed and thickened. Chronic inflammation often leads to damage and loss of cartilage. Rheumatoid arthritis represents only about 10 percent to 15 percent of all arthritis cases. These all cause knee pain which affects our day to day movement. Knee power oil helps to get rid of knee pain and various knee problems, gives great knee relief.

The most common type of arthritis is osteoarthritis, which is a progressive wearing of the cartilage in the knee joint. It occurs more frequently in individuals 50 and older. After 50, the impact of osteoarthritis can worsen due to accumulated use and the wearing down of cartilage that occurs with age. Osteoarthritis of the knee causes pain, limited range of motion, stiffness of the knee, swelling of the joint, tenderness, deformity and weakness.

Causes of osteoarthritis include age, weight, genetics, previous injuries, infections, and illness (such as a tumor or gout). Osteoarthritis can also be caused by sports injuries and wear and tear resulting from physical work in occupations, such as construction and manufacturing.

To improve functioning of cartilage or regenerating tissues around is very much needed to cure it. Oilcure knee pain oil helps in delaying the oxidation process of knee or the affected area, which delays the ageing process.  

Knee Power Oil is a great combination of various natural Ayurvedic herbs, like Ginger, Mustard, Mustard Oil, Menthol, Carom Seeds, Fenugreek, Camphor, Ashwagandha, Eucalyptus oil, Garlic, Castor Oil, Castor Roots, Neem Oil etc.

These Oils with various herbal combination nourishes the affected area and helps to remove inflammation, providing proper lubrication and regenerating new cells around it. Oil improves blood circulation as well, resulting in improving the affected area. Yes you can't get back 100% normacy, which is, if, due to aging.

For External use only for massage and external application, do not use on cuts, wounds or sensitive skin area.

How to use : Apply 15-20 drops, or as required, of Knee Cure oil on each knee or effected area like shoulders, leg, calf etc. Gently massage for 5-6 min on affected area and leave for overnight for best results. It should be left for 3-4 hours at least on affected area. Then you can wash with soap. For old pains, continue using for 25-30 days after getting relief to strengthen your bones and cartilage tissues.



Good for shoulders

I have frozen shoulder for last 3 years almost.
After using this oil for a month, I am very happy with the results. now i am using as and when required.



    I really had pain in my shoulders for more than a month took pain killer no relief just saw reviews of this oil on website and ordered within a week i was perfectly fine suggested to many friends and relatives as everyone has pain nowadays



      I've had this oil twice, after that I feel much better than before. Oil is so beneficial in one word.


        Very fast relief

        After morning walk and regular exercises, I twisted my leg badly I applied many type of pain balm but no relief my friend gave me oilcure knee pain oil as he was using and found a lot relief,I used it Twice believe me or not it gave me 80% relief in 2 days. It took 5-6 days to correct fully.


          Knee Replacement

          Doctors had finally told my mother to get knee surgery/ replacement. But I was not convinced with the results of knee replacement. I talked to many people who has got knee surgery. Hardly 15-20 % people are happy with it after 1 year. So I was searching for some ayurvedic or oil therapy for the same. I tried this knee pain oil for my mother three times a day, which gave her immediate relief and gradually and now also she uses twice a day. My mother is very happy with this oil.


            Ultimate oil

            Ultimate Oil for body pains including knee pain, as far as my experience is. I have used many balms and ointments so far, but this is different, very promising.


              Super oil

              Well I am from Kerala, house of Ayurvedic oils and massages. My mother and father, both were having knee problems. I got them treated in local Kerala ayurvedic treatment centres. They gave ayurvedic medicines and did massages as well. But the pain relief was temporary always. After some suggestion I tried this knee pain oil for them. With lord Ayappa s blessings now they are much better, have long lasting relief. God help the owners.


                Life is Beautiful again

                My life was miserable because of my knee problems. It was difficult for me to walk more than 200 mts and forget about climbing even 5-6 steps. I used this knee pain oil regularly and got ample relief. My life is beautiful again, as I can walk and climb stairs etc.


                  Excellent oil

                  I had great amount of pain in my knees due to which i had to stop my jog and gym. i tried various balms nothing worked. Surprisingly in one and a half month of regular use of this oil i had great relief. Really recommend this one!


                    Absolute pain reliever

                    This oilcure knee pain oil is absolute pain reliever. Very quickly it reduced knee pain for my father. He thanked me for buying this oil for him on Father's day.


                      good for knee and back

                      I used this oil to treat my knee pain and back ache both. Both got relieved after applying regularly. Now I am using on and off. I am quiet happy with the results.


                        Long lasting relief

                        My knee pain was very troublesome. Couldn't get right long lasting relief. But thanks god, this product is super lasting relief oil. Great product. I can recommend this knee pain oil.


                          Great for pains and repair

                          My dietician changes my food pattern and advised me to start going to gym for 40 min everyday. I damaged my knees in the gym in first 15 days only. then I had to stop going to gym.

                          I had to go to a senior doctor for my knee pain which persistent. Didn't improved my situation majorly. Took other medicines and used other oils as well.

                          One of my friend then suggested to use me this Oilcure oil. I just used a wekk, and it started to show good results. Now I am fine after 2 months, started my gym again. Thanks for this oil.


                            Effective Pain Relief Oil

                            This is oil is very great. My mother has been suffering from joint pain for a few years now. She has tried various medicines, but none helped. She has been using Oilcure Knee power oil for the past three months now, The results are amazing and she is very satisfied with this oil..



                              I purchased this for my mom, who was suffering from severe backache. I have tried many means like, ortho doctors, physiotherapy and others as well. But the relief was very temporary. I bought this 3 months ago. My mother got a spectacular benefits from this oil. Now she is applying whenever needed, not regularly.


                                Lot of relief

                                My husband had a terrible back pain used many types of oils ,going thru the website read the reviews and tried out oilcure knee pain oil it gave fast results in a week and I am satisfied


                                  For knee

                                  Very good for knee and joint pains.


                                    Good for Knee

                                    My Knees got hut in an accident. I got these treated very well in a reputed orthopedic hospital. But after 7 years now, I used to get pains in my knees. I went to same doctor, he gave some medicines. it is ok if I take these pain killers, but after I leave taking these medicines it again start hurting.

                                    I used this pain relief oil as suggested one of my dear friend. I used and left for a week to check. I got lot of satisfaction over the performance of this oil. I will recommend this oil to those who are suffering with knee pains.


                                      Good product

                                      This is my second bottle in progress. I took 1 bottle 6 months ago. Pain was slowly going down. then i discontinued. After that my pain was back to normal pain. I restarted usin this oil continuously for one month. I got lot of relief. now again I started after 2 minths break. Yes my pain also is old. almost 25 year old. I am 82 now. This is a good product.


                                        Mild arthiritis

                                        I had pain in legs for sometime it would aggravate during cold weather,showed it to dr and said arthiritis problem just started.After discussion with my cousin she suggested me to use as she is regular customer of oilcure oils .I tried this oil and it worked tremendously and got lot of relief


                                          very effective

                                          I had been suffering from my knee pain for last 20 years. My doctor suggested me for undergoing knee surgery. To avoid surgery I was trying many herbal oils/ helps. After applying this oil I got good relief in beginning itself. Applied regularly 2 times every day. I am very comfortable with this. Pain is still there but manageable. Hope this can help me in avoiding surgery.



                                            I just applied it 3 days on my frozen shoulders. I felt relieved too much and could sleep well because the pain was very less. I think they have made very powerful herbal oil.


                                              Very Effective

                                              Very Effective


                                                Knee Got better

                                                My father is 83 now. He s suffering from knee pains for last 15 years. I have bought so many oils from market and lot of products seen on TV advertisements. But nothing worked out well, I mean long lasting relief. But after using this oil for 7 months,my father is fully satisfied with the oil.


                                                  Severe back pain

                                                  my Dad, aged about 85, used this oil for just 1 month. He can now walk without stick and do his work himself. Earlier it was not same.

                                                  gives very quick and lasting relief. now he uses just 2-3 times a week.


                                                    Its wonderful!!

                                                    I am middle aged person. My cartilage had slightly worn out. While I did not have any issue while walking, but i had problem running and climbing stairs. Orthopedics suggested a medicine with another oil. I have been applying for the last couple of years, but while there was no degeneration (probably because of my age), but there was no improvement either. But after applying this oil only for couple of weeks, I see marked improvement. I am now able to hop, skip and jump. I will definitely recommend to anyone.

                                                    1 out of 1 people found this review useful.



                                                      My Abbu and Ammi both were suffering with knee and joint pains. After applying this oil for a week they were quiet happy and started using it twice a day. Doctors had told my Abbu to replace knees immediately. But after applying this oil, he does not want and can walk and work out his normal routine. good to have a product like this.


                                                        Treated arthritis nicely.

                                                        I was suffering with severe arthritis for last 10-12 years. After applying this oil for a month I thought it will not maintain the result what I got quickly. To my surprise after 2 months I am feeling 90% trouble free now. Now I am using it alternate days, and quiet happy about the product.


                                                          Unbelievable result

                                                          Every day after work my body used to hurt alot and i would not be able to function the next day. After hearing about this products through my frnds i tried and i have never felt better and i recommend you all to try this product. Very helpful


                                                            Pain Relieved

                                                            This oil really worked as it promises. I was suffering from sever knee pains, my knee used to give sound of friction in knee bones for so many years. My wife noticed that the bone friction sound of my knees finished after using this oil, as pain as well.

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                                                              Knee Power (100 ml.)

                                                              Knee Power (100 ml.)

                                                              Oilcure Knee Power is a miraculous natural Ayurvedic knee pain relief oil. It is for Knee, Neck, Back, Shoulders or any muscular or joint pains.  It gives quick relief in Knee pain by reducing pain and removing inflammation in knee or effected area. Helps in lot many knee problems, arthritis, severe knee injuries. 100% natural ayurvedic pain relief oil with no side effects.

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