Helps to Balance Acid in Stomach: Mix Haritaki Powder, Black Raisins and Sugar in equal ratio. Take 1tsp twice a day for balance the acid in stomach.

For Healthy Function of Lungs and Hiccup: Take Haritaki Powder and Shunti (DRY GINGER) Powder with hot water.

To Extract Extra Mucous from Chest: Mix Haritaki Powder and "Bibhitaki Powder" with Honey. Take twice a day.

Obesity: Take decoction of Haritaki Powder with Honey. It helps to reduce excessive fats from body.

Abdominal Pain Due to Flatulence: Take Haritaki Powder with Jaggery (Gud) and "Ghee" with luke warm water.

Excessive Flatulence: It is a good herb for persons suffering from excessive gas in intestine i.e. flatulence. Take Haritaki Powder daily. It relieves these conditions smoothly.

For Healthy Function of Liver: The decoction of Haritaki Powder with Triphala Powder is effective.

For Improving the Level of Haemoglobin (Blood): Haritaki Powder with Honey and small quantity of "Ghee" is very effective in this.

For Healthy Function of Stomach: Take Haritaki, "Musta", Sunthi and Jaggery (Gud). It gives quick relief.

Mild Laxative: Haritaki Powder is a mild herbal body cleanser. Haritaki Powder does the cleansing action very smoothly. It can be taken for a long time without any ill effects.

Haritaki Powder is a good nervine tonic and used in nervous weakness, nervous irritability. It promotes the receiving power of five senses.

Haritaki Powder is used as a tooth powder to strengthen the gums.