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How to keep yourself busy during Covid-19 quarintine
By March 29, 2020 0 Comment

How to keep yourself busy during Covid-19 quarintine

(Mental health edition)

During times like this, we need to be strong and be there for each other. This will only happen when we keep our mind and body at peace. 

  1. Talk to your friends/family when feeling low

In this situation, it is very natural that a few of us might hit rock bottom because we are away from our friends, our normal routines, favorite places or even our favorite go-to food/restaurant. But it's okay to feel this way since we are in this together, all of us, no one is alone. Just talk to your friends/ family and tell them how you feel and it will surely take the weight off and you will feel much lighter.  

  1. Don’t listen/watch  the news too much

It is true that all of us are stuck to our phones and tvs all day long, and keep ourselves updated with the situation. But too much information can affect your mood and mental health. It can lead to anxiety and depression and there have been cases of them reported in many places. So just limit yourself to just be updated and not listen to the news all day long.

  1. Stay in touch with your loved ones

Since all of us are away from each other, we miss them and feel the urge to reach out to them. All of us do that by calling/ video calling them. This distracts us from the entire situation and lightens up our mood quickly. 

  1. Be kind 

 We should show compassion and kindness to the people who can't feed themselves, like the old citizens, poor people, and animals. We must give them whatever we can like rice, dal, vegetables, etc. 

  1. Spend time with your loved ones

Take out all your dusted games like cards, uno, taboo, scrabble, monopoly and play them with your family. Fight to win the games and laugh when someone is out. Bring all those times back and relax yourself. And also play online with your friends!

  1. Organize and clean your room/house

It must’ve been a while since we would have cleaned our room and it stayed that way for long. Now is the time for us to clean our closets and house by removing the things we do not require and organize the things we need properly so that we can find it easily.

  1. Create a routine 

We all are very used to our routines, so why don’t you create a routine for this time? You can add skin routines, workout time, lunch timings, playtime, creativity time, etc. This will help us feel secure as we now are bound by a routine we need to follow just like we used to.

  1. Cook meals

The internet is filled with recipes everywhere, on youtube, on cooking sites, on netflix, on tv.  So you cannot complain, that you don’t know how to cook. Start out with easy dishes and learn something every day. It is in the art which comes in handy wherever you are. And trust me you will be satisfied when your dish tastes finger-licking good.

  1. Take up an online course

There are so many things we would have wanted to do, but did not have the time to. But now we have ample time to do what we want. So search up the courses you would like to do and challenge yourself and you never know what potentials you unlock!

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